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Introducing Bennett Automation Solutions

Welcome to the website for Bennett Automation Solutions. We hope to be expanding this site as we grow and develop and look forward to working together with you for all your automation and controls needs.

For now, we hope that you enjoy getting to know who we are. Bennett Automation Solutions was founded and is owned by Amy Bennett. Amy founded Bennett Automation Solutions on one simple idea: providing quality work with Christ-centered honesty and integrity.

Alongside her is her husband, Matthew Bennett. Matthew brings over a decade of work experience in Automation and I.T. services. Certified and experienced in multiple HMI and PLC platforms, Matthew and Amy are ready to handle your top end and PLC needs.

When the job is done we want to make sure that you've received a product that meets your needs, a product that you are happy with, and like us enough to come back the next time you have an automation need. Without all three of these things, then we've failed to meet our business goals.

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