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DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast

Today we were able to attend the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast courtesy of our Table's host, Daniel Hayes of AVR Associates LLC. It was an encouraging time to gather with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ in the technology sector. What was most encouraging was seeing how many business exist out there whose senior level staff hold to a Christ-centered ethos for their companies.

The key note speaker today was Onyeka Nchege, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Interstate Batteries. He gave a very short speech on making sure that as believers in the workplace we are focused on issues like training ourselves in the Word of God, serving one another, and being community minded.

Our thanks goes out to Mr. Hayes and all those who were involved in making today's meeting a success. They oversaw a smooth meeting for over 800 people today. It is our hope that next year we can be hosting a table at the prayer breakfast!

Here is a picture of the recipients of this year's Merve Tarde's awards.

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