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Happy Thanksgiving!

At Bennett Automation Solutions, we have a lot to be thankful for this year such as the spectacular Texas sunrises we get to enjoy so often:

This year, however, two things really tops our list.

We are first of all very thankful that we live in America. Lately, there seems to be a never ending barrage of divisive news articles, pundits, and bloggers each of whom has a laundry list of reasons why the people on their side are saints and the people on the other side are devils hellbent on dividing the nation. However, when the buzz words are stripped away, we have found that we are a lot less divided than media outlets would have us think. After all, bad news sales and gets the clicks, so why do too many articles focusing on our unity?

We are very thankful that we live in America, and especially in Texas, where people have a the ability to set off and establish a company. We are thankful that America has from its founding been a leader throughout the world advocating freedom for all. The freedom to speak, to practice religion, and even to arm yourself. Was that freedom perfect at the beginning? Of course not, but when compared to the historical contemporaries of the time, America has always been the leader in freedom and working towards making sure that everyone would benefit from that freedom.

The second thing we thank God for this Thanksgiving are the myriad of people that have supported and encouraged us as we embarked on this endeavor to startup and run a company. These range from family and friends to mentors to former co-workers to vendors and clients. Each one of you have contributed to encouraging us to not give up when it looked like no one even knew we existed and helping us navigate the ups and downs of starting up a business.

Thank you, each and every one of you who have supported and worked with us. Thank you, God for the blessings You have poured out on this nation throughout its history.

And Happy Thanksgiving from Bennett Automation Solutions!

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